Thursday, 4 March 2010

Cupcakes and hearts

I've now completed my stitchery that I started in Nicky's class, once it's made up into a cushion I'll upload a photo.

My sister asked me to make a cushion for her little girl.  It's 20" square and covered in cupcakes.  This is actually not the one she had, I'd originally decided to make half the cupcakes with spotty bottoms and flower tops, and half to have flower bottoms and spotty tops.  When they were laid out on the white, it looked too cluttered.  My sister decided she like the flower bottoms and spotty tops.  This one, as you can see, has spotty bottoms and flower tops and a great big cherry on top.  It's for sale at £40 if you'd like it.

The next photo is a gingham heart on cream linen/cotton union.  It's 12" square and costs £12.50.

Next is mother's Mother Day gift, it's a good job she doesn't have a computer, or she'd know what she's getting. 



  1. Hi Jenny - glad you've got that stitchery finished!! I've just completed a quilt for Karin's new book - have spent the evening cutting up Jelly rolls for another class - hope to see you soon

  2. Love your stuff ... sad that I live so far away in London. Lovely blog.

  3. I adore your cup cakes, I have been making cup cake quilts for our twin grand daughters and frankly I am sick of them of them now as I have been teaching this quilt also so all in all I have been in undated with with CUP CAKEs so it is nice to see a different type I love the spotty